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Redi Better for You is here, providing you with healthy food from our locals

Live better with healthy food. Redi Better for You is more than just a healthy food service, we'll be your go-to resource for all your nutrition and lifestyle needs.

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Creamy, nutty and smooth. Our Barista Tiger Nut Milk is the plant milk you can count on to deliver a fiercely delicious coffee.

Oh yeah baby it's foamable! Nah it won't go splitting on you when it hits the coffee. It sure has been tried and tested by some top notch baristas and they seriously approve.

Madame Tiger's Barista Tiger Nut milk also happens to be the most sustainable milk to pair with your coffee. That's right, lowest water footprint and lowest climate footprint. 

We know a good coffee is the top priority, but if you are at all concerned about skimping on vitamins, minerals if you skip the cow's milk... then sip away at your tiger latte with the peace of mind Madame Tiger's Barista Tiger Nut Milk has got top notch clean ingredients... did we mention we use Australian extra virgin olive oil?! 

The Ingredients in our Barista Tiger Nut Milk:

Water, tiger nuts (12%), Australian olive oil, demerara sugar, faba bean protein, minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorous), sea salt, vitamins (vitamin B5, vitamin B2, vitamin D, vitamin B12). 

Delightfully free from dairy, soy and gluten! 

FODMAP Friendly certified. Go ahead and enjoy unlimited amounts of our Barista Tiger Nut Milk if you are following a low FODMAP or IBS friendly diet. 

A sip for Mother Nature.

Ending plastic waste, one drink at a time.

Little Green Panda (LGP) was founded on the belief that single use products shouldn't

be "made to last".

Drinking Straws Designed to Disappear.  PLANTS OVER PLASTIC™


All natural, bottled at the source and clearly Australian.

In Australia, we’ve got some the world’s purest mineral water in our own backyard. Not to mention some of the freshest produce. That’s why, when Pitzy Folk founded CAPI back in 2012, he saw no need to look overseas or add anything artificial to CAPI’s mixers and mineral waters. Over 10 years later and nothing’s changed. We make clean, completely natural beverages using only the highest quality, real ingredients and locally sourced water.



Our authentically brewed, new age drinks are crafted with locally sourced Australian ingredients and infused with natural nutrients. A refreshingly healthier alternative for the conscious lifestyler.